kit danowski


Lately my research interests are lead by my studio practice, where I'm continuing to develop a method of trance work for performance, drawing from Aisha M. Beliso-De Jesús' notion of copresence, working with ancestor presence to where performance becomes a process of conscious mediumship; I'm also looking at Legacy Russell and Micha Cardenas' thoughts on the glitch and playing with the theoretical and practical artistic applications of the glitch as parallel to experiences of consciousness, gender identity, and time. 

Some recent work:

Traces: Reflections on Practice and Pan(dem)ic in the First Wave in Ecumenica
Manifesto: Theatre for the Dead in Global Performance Studies 
Review of Patricia Ybarra's 'Latinx Theatre in the Times of Neoliberalism' in Hispanic Research Journal 
Trance Art and Other Possessions (with Laura Gonzalez) in Else


'Excavating the Present: Time as Diffracting Ghost in We Dig', chapter in Diffracting New Materialism: Emerging Methods in Artistic Research (edited by Annouchka Bayley and JJ Chan) (Palgrave) 

Trances and Traces: Ancestor Work as Method for Performance (monograph, forthcoming from Intellect)