kit danowski


Lately my research interests are lead by my studio practice, where I'm continuing to develop a method of trance work for performance, drawing from Aisha M. Beliso-De Jesús' notion of copresence, and Boaventura de Souza Santos' notion of copresence, working with ancestor presence to where performance becomes a process of conscious mediumship; I'm also looking at Legacy Russell and Micha Cardenas' thoughts on the glitch and playing with the theoretical and practical artistic applications of the glitch as parallel to experiences of consciousness, gender identity, and time. 

Forthcoming monographs (these aren't the covers, just placeholders for now): 

Forthcoming Chapters: 

'Excavating the Present: Time as Diffracting Ghost in We Dig', in Diffracting New Materialism: Emerging Methods in Artistic Research (edited by Annouchka Bayley and JJ Chan) (Palgrave) July 2023

'A Glitch in Time: Digital Interruptions and Spaces of Haunting', in 
Emerging Perspectives in the Study of Folklore and Performance (edited by Solimar Otero and Anthony Bak Buccitelli) (University of Indiana Press) 2024

'The Glitchening: Performance & Haunted Spaces', in Mattering Spiritualities: Performative Experiments for a Radical Imagining of the World Becoming (edited by Silvia Battista and David Mason) (Routledge) 2024 

Other recent work:

Manifesto: Theatre for the Dead in Global Performance Studies

Traces: Reflections on Practice and Pan(dem)ic in the First Wave in Ecumenica

Trance Art and Other Possessions (with Laura Gonzalez) in Else