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For 2022-2024

A new performance text with a new performance; this is currently under wraps, working with the Kanga methodology, in-corp-orating Glitch, preparing for a Spring 2024 production. Pictured below: Lydia Perifanou, Mafalda Garcia Abelheira Garcia, Francisca Rodrigues Armelim, Joao Fernandes Braz, Luke Fechan, Ines Linhares Almeida Da Silva, A version of me (I'm just like you) 


For 2021-2022.

These 3 'impossible' scripts (from 2008-2017) are glitched together for our glitchy world (one where we hope we're post-pandemic, hope we're dismantling those things that need dismantling, hope we're moving toward harmony with all the elements; we have hope even though it's unpopular these days):




The actors you see here are Luke Feechan, Jan Galazewski, Kirsten Grinstead, Nuke Lagranje, Inês Linhares, Rodrigo Lopes, Miguel Martins Da Mota, Tanaka Mpofu,  Amy O'Sullivan, and Lea Sep.

You can see samples of this on request (send me a message). There was a screening in June, 2022 in the White Swan Building in Portsmouth, and maybe more down the line. The idea with this project is that we're moving more collectively toward an onto-epistemological shift that recognises consciousness glitches: time, gender experience, world views, and the status of being alive and dead -- these have not been stable categories for some time (particularly in some indigenous world views that have understood this for longer than western physics and philosophies - there are more philosophies than are dreamt of in your philosophy). This work speaks to that understanding and experience of polyphony, polyvocality, polyrhythm, and all the Pollys we know and love. 

It also marks the first iteration of a project using the kanga method for integrating trance experience as a performance practice. Could not have asked for a more talented and delightful and curious group of performers. 

Another Time This Time

Written with John London (pictured here, far left, with hair): performed for the Exhibition Opening for the Experiential Translation conference at King's College, London
14 July, 2022

This is part of a trilogy of plays John and I wrote together through the pandemic. 
Another part will be presented as a public reading at the White Swan in Portsmouth in September, 2022.